Yesterday’s Gift: Winter Solstice

It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

Winter Solstice!

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1a-blogSome call it yule, or yuletide…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-2-blogOthers call it midwinter.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-3-blogWhatever you call it, it’s a time for celebration…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-9-blogforestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-5-blogFor quiet reflection…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-7-blogFor singing…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-1b-blogFor sharing with those you love…

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-10-blogFor being glad you’re alive and letting your light shine.

Whatever that light might be.

forestbeachloop-wintersolstice2016-11-blogHappy Winter Solstice!





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