Lights, Camera, Supermoon!

The last supermoon of 2016 rose high in the sky the other night.

Unfortunately, here on the Cape the clouds covered its arrival from view.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-13-blogSo last night I headed out onto the deck to see if our Christmas lights and I might be able to persuade that ole’ moon to give us a show!

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-1-blogAnd there it was, I could see it through the trees!

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-2-blogStanding there on my deck, gazing in wonderment, I felt warmed by the twinkling lights all around me.

And supermoon above me.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-3-blogHigher and higher it rose, peeking through the silverleaf branches…

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-4-blogEvery Christmas bulb seemed to glow brighter than ever before.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-5-blogI couldn’t help feeling a little sad, since we won’t see another super moon again until May 25, 2017.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-6-blogSo I breathed in the moment and imagined that every Christmas light on our street was celebrating it right along with me.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-7-blogWe’d seen supermoon make its final showing after all.

Me, my camera and all the lights of Christmas.

moon-supermoon-cold-dec2016-10-blogHappy New Year, supermoon, Happy New Year!!


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