Feelin’ Duckie

Marmee came home from her doc appointment this morning and everything went great!

You see Marmee was a rescue. And from what we know she had a pretty scary past. She didn’t feel safe, and she never came “first” to anyone.

‘Til she came here.

Blog-Marmee148Where she is always “first”. In fact, she’s everything to us.

And we have a wonderful vet who “gets it” with Marmee and how much she means to us, too.

I can tell you today I don’t think this girl was ever more glad to see her yellow duckie when she got back home…

marmee337b-blogAnd as she cuddled up with her yellow pal…

marmee337e-blogBack in her home once again…

marmee337f-blogIn the sunshine…

marmee337g-blogShe relaxed.

And so did the rest of us.

Blog-Marmee332Last time I checked…

Everyone was doin’ just fine.

marmee337d-blogAnd feeling grateful to be HOME.  ❤












2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Duckie

  1. Sally Spencer says:

    beautiful photos!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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