Our Last Catch of the Day

It can be the simplest thing that catches my eye for a photo when I am out late shooting at Mill Landing.

One last photo for the day as the sun sets lower and lower.

It might be a brown duck, paddling along in the creek.

MillLanding1Or a broken quahog shell left behind by some local fisherman.

MillLanding38Last night, as the light was truly fading fast, I spotted this lone seagull.

Gliding quickly back and forth, back and forth over the shallows, he was clearly in a hurry.

forestbeachloop974-blogRacing to beat the setting sun, he would hover, then dive. Glide, hover, and dive, again and again.

forestbeachloop976-gray-blogOnly to come up empty, each and every time.

forestbeachloop975-gray-blogStill, undeterred he would fly up again, hover, then dive…

forestbeachloop977-gray-blogUntil FINALLY, he snagged just the meal he was looking for.

A big fat crab, hurray! And he was up and away with his prize!

forestbeachloop978-blogLanding on the nearest mud flat, he dropped his catch…

forestbeachloop979-gray-blogTaking his time, he enjoyed every bite.

seagull23-gray-blogAnd when every tasty bit was gone I could see him in the dim light finishing up his meal with a vigorous mouth washing in the cool shallows.

seagull25-gray-blogIt had been his last, most satisfying catch of the day.

And thanks to him, it was mine, too!  😉













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