Watching Over Us

Well Black Friday turned out to be a “down day” for me. Whether it was allergies or a cold, I had some unanticipated time to sift through my recent photo stash.

And LOOK what I found!

forestbeachloop968-blogMy new red-tailed pal down at Mill Landing.

Perching on his favorite telephone pole, surveying the landscape, just waiting for something to move.

forestbeachloop971-blogforestbeachloop969-blogI love raptors, and during the off-season here on the Cape they are one of “the locals”.

Just like me.

forestbeachloop970-blogWhether perched or soaring high, I always feel a certain comfort when I see a red-tail.

Like they’re watching over us or something.

Reminding us that, All is well.

forestbeachloop972-blogThanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!





2 thoughts on “Watching Over Us

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Terrific hawk captures.


  2. Jean Smith says:

    He is so beautiful.


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