On Thanksgiving, It’s All About the Pause

On Thanksgiving Day it’s all about the pause. Pausing to reflect on all that we are thankful for.

So I took my camera out on Thanksgiving Eve to see if I could capture some of the things I am especially grateful for living here on Cape Cod.

It began with this view of Forest Beach Marsh that I just never seem to get enough of.

forestbeachloop203-blogIt continued along the shore where I found one of my special gull friends – and his seaside winter neighbors, the brants – all enjoying the setting of the sun.

forestbeachloop951-blogforestbeachloop950-blogLooking out across the marsh to Chatham Light I couldn’t help but think of all the fishermen over the years whose lives have depended on the twinkling beacon guiding them safely home.

forestbeachloop956-blogJust then, up flew a flock of Canadas who seemed in a real hurry to get to their Thanksgiving Day dinner, as they disappeared awaaay out over the treetops.

forestbeachloop952-blogforestbeachloop953-blogAnd the friendliest flicker I do believe I’ve ever met greeted me at the top of Osprey Hill. Dressed to the nines, his mouth full of juicy grubs, I could have sworn he winked at me before he flew off to his own Thanksgiving table.

forestbeachloop954-blogOn the way to the Landing I noticed how the sinking sun was making the cat o’nine tails glow like holiday candles…
forestbeachloop957-blogAnd a clump of purple Asters along the stone wall at the bend in the road would make the prettiest Thanksgiving bouquet ever!

forestbeachloop958-blogOut of breath, I made it just in time at Mill Landing to see the sun spread its deepest orange rays across the marsh.

forestbeachloop961-blogGiving it all one last lingering look…

forestbeachloop962-blogI made my way home with only one thought in mind.

And she was waiting for me on the other side of that front door when I opened it!

Blog-Marmee197My Marmee. After losing our Maggie Mae so young, so many years ago, I am grateful every single day for this tiny feline who fills my heart and home with pure love.

For me, on Thanksgiving Day, and every day…


It’s all about the PAWS.

marmee290-blogAnd the heart that lives behind them.  ❤

marmee173-blogHappy Thanksgiving everybody, from all of us!












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