The Charming Gull

I’ve never understood those who say they don’t like seagulls.

seagull15-blogGulls are some of my favorite models.

Always ready to strike a pose.

seagull17-blogAlways up to something. As if they know some secret.

Maybe they learned something as baby gulls. Something they never forgot about having FUN.

Even if it’s just time to catch some dinner.

seagull12-blogSeagulls are always the first ones up in the morning, eager to get at it!

seagull16-blogAnd I happen to know they can do a pretty mean two-step, if given a little encouragement that is.

seagull10-blogAnd while it’s true they may not always see eye to eye…

seagull4-blogseagull3b-blogSeagulls always seem to find a way to patch things up in the end.

Blog-Seagull7I, personally…

Find seagulls to be rather reflective.

And to me, perfectly charming.

seagull19-blogThanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod! And fly high!







2 thoughts on “The Charming Gull

  1. Gulls are lovely and completely necessary: they’re a birdy GPS. Ravens let you know you’re in the mountains, woodpeckers mean a forest location, and gulls tell you there’s sand and waves close by. These guys never mix and match, you always know where you are. Robins, on the other hand, are big, fat liars.


  2. Jean Smith says:

    I agree with you. I have always thought Seagulls were beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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