The Sultries Come to Cape Cod

The sultries have arrived on Cape Cod.

ForestBeachLoop874-BlogIt happens every summer, yet the intensity of heavy moisture-laden air and the effect it all has on the light and the landscape is at once uncomfortable — and beautiful!

ForestBeachLoop873-BlogLast evening the sultry winds were in full force, the ocean was choppy and covered with a drippy haze. I’m not sure which was wetter, the air all around me or the sea out beyond!

ForestBeachLoop875-BlogThe osprey young ‘uns didn’t seem to mind.

ForestBeachLoop876-BlogAs long as they keep getting their fish while learning their lessons about the fine art of hover-dive-catch!

ForestBeachLoop880-BThings seem to slow down to a crawl once the sultries settle in. The marsh gets quieter, even the sounds of summer tourists seem muffled, more subdued. Who would want to move in this heat?

ForestBeachLoop877-BlogWell maybe the crows. They never EVER seem to get tired or overheated. These Three Amigos, a case in point.

ForestBeachLoop878-BlogMe? I am enjoying the photography yet thinking cool thoughts as I lean  toward the delicious days of September.

And in the meantime, trying to take Marmee’s advice of not moving anymore than I have to.

Marmee325Hope it’s cool wherever you are!  😉










One thought on “The Sultries Come to Cape Cod

  1. Ann Jones says:

    Beautiful, I can feel it from here looking at your photos.
    Thank you💜


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