Summer Orange, Summer Not

One of my favorite things about summer is seeing the color ORANGE on full display.

You see it in the lilies spilling over garden fences into the streets…

ForestBeachLoop341-BlogYou see it in butterfly bushes as they offer up their gooey yummy sweets.

ForestBeachLoop868-BlogYou see it in the Cape Cod sunsets, mixed with pastel pinks and blues.

ForestBeach63You see it in the kayaks, in the row boats and canoes!

CapeCod73-BlogYou see it in the marigolds, now reaching their summer peak…

SallyGarden102-BlogYou see it in the —HEY!  How’d HE get in here?

ForestBeachLoop628-BlogOkay, okay, so he’s a little bit early I admit (but then again, not for those of us who long for autumn!).

Bottom line, some say all the best things in life are orange – winter, spring, summer or fall.

And you know? I just might have to agree!  ❤

Blog-Marmee291Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!










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