Squirreling Thru’ Monday

I met the cutest little fellow on my walk today.

ForestBeachLoop851F-2-BlogHe was chasing another squirrel – a female, I presume – up and down a great oak tree. Round and around, up and down the tree they went, head to tail, so close it looked like one squirrel instead of two!

And then suddenly – he came back down the tree. And stopped.

ForestBeachLoop851D-BlogPerhaps he had heard me fumbling with my camera?

When I looked through the camera this time, he was looking straight at me.

ForestBeachLoop851-BlogNow everyone knows it’s only polite to say hello if you meet a squirrel who seems friendly.

“Well hello there!” I began. “And how are you this fine day, would you mind if I took your picture?”

And the squirrel turned slightly, as if to give me his best side.

“Why no, I’d be happy to,” he replied. “How’s this?”

ForestBeachLoop851C-BlogI continued to snap a few more pictures, amazed by how patient he was, how accommodating.

“I say,” he went on, “Do you happen to know what day this is? It’s still Sunday, isn’t it? I have ever so many things I’d love to do today!”

ForestBeachLoop851E-BlogAnd before I could stop myself I responded, “Why no, Mr. Squirrel, today is Monday.”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than I remembered: Squirrels HATE Mondays.

And without a word – poof! My squirrel friend was gone.

ForestBeachLoop851F-BlogSigh… It was my own fault that such a delightful photo session had so abruptly come to an end.

And I knew better.  😉

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About hatsandhorses

Sally Faith Steinmann is the owner and designer of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS Custom Millinery. A native of Cape Cod and avid nature photographer, Sally creates couture hats for the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, Saratoga, weddings, teas, and garden parties. MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS sponsors "Hats Off to the Horses", an annual online Derby hat fundraiser for the retired racehorses of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement facility in KY.

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