Squirreling Thru’ Monday

I met the cutest little fellow on my walk today.

ForestBeachLoop851F-2-BlogHe was chasing another squirrel – a female, I presume – up and down a great oak tree. Round and around, up and down the tree they went, head to tail, so close it looked like one squirrel instead of two!

And then suddenly – he came back down the tree. And stopped.

ForestBeachLoop851D-BlogPerhaps he had heard me fumbling with my camera?

When I looked through the camera this time, he was looking straight at me.

ForestBeachLoop851-BlogNow everyone knows it’s only polite to say hello if you meet a squirrel who seems friendly.

“Well hello there!” I began. “And how are you this fine day, would you mind if I took your picture?”

And the squirrel turned slightly, as if to give me his best side.

“Why no, I’d be happy to,” he replied. “How’s this?”

ForestBeachLoop851C-BlogI continued to snap a few more pictures, amazed by how patient he was, how accommodating.

“I say,” he went on, “Do you happen to know what day this is? It’s still Sunday, isn’t it? I have ever so many things I’d love to do today!”

ForestBeachLoop851E-BlogAnd before I could stop myself I responded, “Why no, Mr. Squirrel, today is Monday.”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than I remembered: Squirrels HATE Mondays.

And without a word – poof! My squirrel friend was gone.

ForestBeachLoop851F-BlogSigh… It was my own fault that such a delightful photo session had so abruptly come to an end.

And I knew better.  😉

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