Robins on the Eve of a Cape Cod Blizzard

What IS it about robins?

Bird394-BlogThe robins of winter here on the Cape always seem to know when we’re about to get hammered with snow.

It was like a PARTY out there in the backyard today!

There were robins everywhere, noisily putting on a real show, fluffing all their feathers, flying from tree to tree, posing their very best of poses.

Bird398-BlogBird396-BlogAnd they look you RIGHT in the eye, too.

Bird395-BlogHeck! they do everything but WAVE at the camera.

Never letting on that soon, oh-so-very soon, oh YES… it’s COMING.

The Blizzard of the Century…

Bird397-BlogWellllll.. this little guy was pretty darn cute, too!  😉

Bird399-BlogIf you live in the Northeast, hope you get thru’ the blizzard okay!

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One thought on “Robins on the Eve of a Cape Cod Blizzard

  1. Guylaine Perron says:

    Beautiful pictures! What an accomplish photographer you are Sally! It must be so re energizing and soul heeling to walk around early morning surrounded by such peace and beauty. Great way to start a new week ! 🙂


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