A Little Time Apart

This morning I was feeling the need to step out, to take a deep breath, before I began my day.

I headed down to Forest Beach, where I found the fishermen already well into their busy day.


The morning air was humid, a soft peach light was dancing on the water, creating amazing shapes and colors wherever it landed.




The light was also making magic along the marsh. Colors seemed more vibrant than ever, the tiniest of details seemed to come into focus with clarity and vibrancy.


This tiny sparrow popped up out of nowhere, just to say hello!


Above us a flock of crows swooped and bantered, their caw caws filling a marsh so quiet and still as they flew low out over the marsh grass.Blog-ForestBEachLoop646

My little friend and I agreed that they were making much ado about nothing. Then he paused, winked at me and said, Well, they are crows, after all — and away he flew!


Glad that I had taken a littler time apart, I was ready to head for home and the projects that awaited me.

I hope you have enjoyed some of these Images of Cape Cod!

‘Til next time,




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