Turkeys Trot into Fall

Breaking News! Turkey Trot arrives early to ole’ Cape Cod!

What’s a turkey trot? Turkey trots are foot races that happen all over the country on Thanksgiving Day; people turn out to celebrate the season, donate to local charities and burn off those extra holiday meal calories. Our own Chatham Turkey Trot is a 3.1 mile walk or run that benefits the Lower Cape Outreach Council.

But as I mentioned, it ordinarily doesn’t occur ’til Thanksgiving Day.

Early this morning we were working in our studios, and we heard strange noises outside.

My husband called to me, Come quick! I ran to his studio and found him pointing out the porthole  window.


Oh my goodness, TURKEYS!  Young ones, in fact, a whole bunch of ’em!

Of course I grabbed my camera. Even through the window glass I was able to catch a couple of these noisy young ‘uns, gobbling wildly as they pattered across our roof.


I headed out onto the deck and found that the entire flock had landed right in our front yard. I couldn’t believe how many there were!


I’ve lived on the Cape my whole life, noticing the wild turkeys, but I’d never seen young turkeys before.

Even without ALL of their plummage, aren’t they beautiful? Those bronzy iridescent feathers in so many colors and patterns!



As much as I would have loved to have spent more time with them all, there was not to be any dilly dallying with this fine feathered group today. Before I knew it, the adults were giving the call and the kids were being herded en masse toward the road.


I found myself yelling, Oh NO! You’ll get hit! Hurry up, HURRY UP!

But there’s simply no hurrying a flock of turkeys crossing a road.


No cars can move through.

You just have to wait…


Until every last one…


Has made it across.


Once they were all safely across I was breathing better, and up onto the guard rail they flew!


I couldn’t help thinking that it sure looked like they had done this before.


And then, as quickly as they had come…


Away into the woods, they were gone!


I’ve never been to a real turkey trot before.

Until today.

And talk about the perfect way to welcome fall, thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!



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