Sunday – Best of 6

Hi everybody, it’s time again for Sunday Best!

We had a lot of worthy candidates this week, and here they all are…

Contestant #1, the Seagull, standing tall, ever proud. (Hoping that the wedding party on the beach will be feeling generous with their shrimps and dips!)


Contestant #2, Little Foal.  Meeting his shadow for the very first time…


Contestant #3,  a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron, fishing along the muddy banks at Mill Landing. A rare treat in these parts!


Contestant #4,  it’s Prayer Rabbit’s baby sister, Sam. It sure looks like she’s got something BIG to tell us!


Contestant #5 is a pair entry. Meet Ribbit and Peeps, getting into position and ready to Do-Si-Do for you!


And finally, Contestant #6, the statuesque Great Blue Heron. Ahhh, such a gentleman. And a sight for sore eyes all summer long after the harsh winter that took so many.


And there you have it. Please cast your vote for your favorite, and as always – I love your comments too!  🙂

‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!


3 thoughts on “Sunday – Best of 6

  1. Sally says:

    The foal of course!!!


  2. Barbara says:

    I do believe the foal is Chandler. I can’t believe you took his picture and didn’t stop by to see Molly! Pull in sometime and if you see my red Patriot Jeep, please ask for me! Oh my vote…the juvenile night heron. (I get to see Chandler every day.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Barbara, no! Not Chandler, is he a foal at your barn? I would never ever stop and NOT see your Miss Molly girl, NO WAY! And isn’t that juvie night heron something? It was during those days when we kept seeing a lot of different birds, as everyone was migrating – so good vote! And one of these days, I’m gonna’ meet your Molly — and take HER picture!! 🙂


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