Sunday Best, Take 6

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Best here at Images of Cape Cod!

I have 6 worthy contestants for you today and I am excited to present them to you, one by one.

Contestant #1, the Great Egret, seen earlier this week soaring out beyond the channel at Mill Landing as if pulled by the sea.


Contestant #2, this Green Heron, standing up on tippy toes as tall and bright-eyed as any I’ve ever seen!


Contestant #3, the Kingfisher surveying his domain from on high, scolding me as always because I stayed too long to admire…  😉


Contestant #4, the tiny Song Sparrow, ever present in the marsh when I arrive and when I leave, whose tiny frame belies his glorious Pavarotti tones.


Contestant #5, this slate gray Bullfrog seen right outside my door this week, clearly enjoying his Saturday off.


And finally Contestant #6, the noble Seagull with his keen eagle eye, scoping the calm waters for any signs of dinner!


There you have them, your lineup for today.

Pick your favorite and let me know it in the Reply/Comment box.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Best, Take 6

  1. Barbara says:

    I vote for the ever saucy kingfisher. Their scolding always brings a smile to my face.


  2. Kathy Breakall says:

    #6 I love the contrast of the reflection in the water


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