A Sight for Sore Eyes

We lost some of our Great Blue Herons over this past winter.

Each year, a few remain with us while most of the population migrates southward.

Many of the few who stayed with us this year, sadly, succumbed to frostbite and starvation during a winter that was unusually harsh and long.

Perhaps because of their disappearance, it seemed to me to take forever for them to return to us this spring.

But when they did, my oh MY, they were a sight for sore eyes…


Their quiet, regal beauty…


Takes my breath away.

Every time.


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2 thoughts on “A Sight for Sore Eyes

  1. Fran kelly says:

    In summers past we here in South Orleans seem to have seen a fair amount of great blue herons with a few nesting (roosting?) in the pine trees. None seem to be around this summer however. We are on Arey’s pond and obviously close to Pleasant Bay… have missed our summer friends with their inimitable squawks. Hope they migrate back next spring.


    • Roosting, yes! The first time I saw them do it, Fran, I couldn’t believe my eyes! And their voices are so unique, that krawk kind of call is unmistakable! So hoping our winter is milder, to keep the few who winter over safe this year. 🙂


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