Summer’s Trottin’ Right Along Here on Ole’ Cape Cod

It’s been a tough week. The humidity’s been high and everyone’s been praying for relief.


I didn’t get much chance to get out walking in the marsh but when I finally did, it did not disappoint.

It seems that in my absence, summer’s been trottin’ right along here on the Cape.

And at a mighty clip indeed!


The young ospreys seem to be getting the hang of their hover-and-dive fishing techniques.


‘Though some seem to still need the security of the nest in between flights, their cries filling the marsh as they call to one another from their perches.


But they are not the only busy ones.

People are out and about, everywhere you look.

Hiking …





You can almost feel them squeezing every moment they can out of their dwindling vacation days here on the Cape.


Peering into gardens as I pass, I notice flower blossoms fading into that “vintage” palette that I love…


Lovingly tended by some of the best scarecrows I have ever seen!


There’s a certain deepening and lengthening of the shadows along Mill Landing…


And you can see changes in the colors of the marsh grass as they do their wiggle-dances across the blue, blue water.


A few more chairs are now empty, here and there…


Yes, summer is slowly drawing to a close here on the Cape.

With or without the cooler temps we long for quite yet, the signs of seasons shifting are all there.


This can be such a reflective time for those of us who know the Cape well…

And as I head for home it seems as if even this swamp rose mallow is giving a warm salute to summer as we all relish these final days of a summertime beauty that is like no other.


Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod!

‘Til the next time,


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