Sunday Best, Variety Pack

Once again we have a delightful lineup today for Sunday Best!

Who’s your favorite?

Is it Contestant #1, a spotted seal swishing around down at the Chatham fish pier…

Blog-ChathamFishPier3-VisionsOr Contestant #2, the Flying Wallenda seagull…

Blog-ChathamFishPier2-VisionsContestant #3, the handsome tiger kitty at Mill Landing…

Blog-MillLandingCat18-VisionsContestant #4, the box turtle found crossing the road at Mill Landing…

Blog-MillLanding59-VisionsOr Contestant #5, the green heron fishing along the Mill Landing channel?


Let me know who you think the winner should be!

And thanks for visiting me!



8 thoughts on “Sunday Best, Variety Pack

  1. Sally says:

    #4 the turtle – who looks very content!


  2. Jan S. / Houston says:

    Tiger kitty!


  3. jean lamb smith says:

    I love them all but my favorite is the tiger kitty at Mill Landing.


  4. Barbara says:

    Really it’s a tie, but if I must pick, it would be the box turtle!


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