Sunday Best Strikes Gold!

It’s Sunday and time once again for Sunday Best!

It was a busy week, and I hadn’t been able to get out on many walks. Friday was here before I knew it, and I finally broke free with my camera.

I was feeling pressed to find a worthy candidate for Sunday Best, so I headed to Mill Landing. Always a prime spot for well-dressed personalities.

There I saw Canada’s…


A pair of snowies…


And my old friend, the osprey.


They were all so beautiful, yet these feathered Lovelies had just recently been featured for Sunday Best.

What I needed was a new star.

And then I heard a sound, coming from awaaaay up high.


And there he was, way at the tippy top of the old pine tree that overlooks the Landing. A gorgeous goldfinch, singing away with runs and trills like Pavoratti auditioning for the lead.


I’ve always called these little birds, “Finchy-Hattons”, because of the little black caps they wear on their foreheads like tiny fascinators.

I just needed a closer shot to use for my Sunday blog entry.

Closer… just a little closer…


And JUST as I was about to snap the picture, our golden boy decided he needed just one more bit of grooming to look his absolute very best.


He was finally ready for his closeup.


I’d found my pot o’gold for Sunday Best!

Thanks for visiting me here at Images of Cape Cod.

‘Til next time!



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