Sunday Best, Cape Cod Style

If you had to choose, which one of these Cape Cod birds would you pick for the very BEST, Sunday Best?

And please remember, this is not a vote about the photography, it’s a vote about which of our contestants displays the very best Sunday attire.

Are you ready?

Contestant #1, the mute swan…


Contestant #2, the cardinal…


Contestant #3, the eider…


Contestant #4… The redwing blackbird…


And finally Contestant #5, the osprey…


Please cast your vote, the winner will be announced later on today!

Thank you for visiting Images of Cape Cod!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Best, Cape Cod Style

  1. theveganlily says:

    This images are really beautiful


  2. sagamorgan says:

    Oh wow that is a tough choice! Going wirh the swan just because of the season and composition but I like them all.


  3. Jan S. / Houston says:



  4. Sarah Spencer says:

    Oh, I think absolutely the swan, all dressed in white with a little black and gold accent, reminds me of Sundays as child, where the church matrons all dressed in white from head to toe, with their black curls peaking out from under white hats or scarves.


  5. Barbara Eastman says:

    Tough choices! I vote for the eider.


  6. rickcapone3056 says:

    I love all of them… But, if pushed, I like the Eider (I think it’s called)…


  7. But of course..the swan!!


  8. Kim says:


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