Say Hello to Marmee Mondays!

We all know that Mondays can be pretty darn tough.

Which is why I have chosen Mondays as the day to post some Marmee love, so let Marmee Monday begin!

Blog-Marmee296I’m hoping that soaking up some of this redheaded Cape Cod girl’s unique brand of sunshine will give us all the energy boost we need to help us kick off our week in a better way!


Say, if this goes well, Marmee could even be our Monday mascot! Encouraging us all to reach forward and embrace our Mondays rather than dread them like we used to.


To be bold, to stick our noses in, and test the waters without fear.


Marmee would say we need plenty of chin scritches to keep us loose and relaxed, no more clenching of the jaw on Monday for us!


And plenty of ear rubs to chase away those Monday morning blues…


And head massages, to drive all those negative Monday thoughts right out of our minds. Why, Mondays won’t stand a chance now with Marmee on our side!


And —

Say wait a minute!

What’s wrong with our Marmee? Why, she seems, I think she’s sinking, lower, and lower… Oh dear, I fear we may be losing her.


Surely our faithful mascot will rally, to cheer us on this Monday morning.


Then again…


Maybe not.


Oh well, poor Marmee, I guess she just got tired with all the excitement.

I do hope she made you smile, even just a little, for your Monday morning!

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‘Til next time thank you for visiting us here at Images of Cape Cod!

Sally (and Marmee)(well, sort of)


6 thoughts on “Say Hello to Marmee Mondays!

Add yours

  1. Happy Monday to you Marmee and to your Mom. You always make me smile and seeing your beautiful face on a Monday morning just makes it better. I think being the mascot is a great idea. Sending you a big hug and some ear rubs. My kitties love those too.

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  2. Oh Marmee kitty…YOU made my day! LOVE LOVE LOVE your momma and YOU have made me fall in love with kitty cats once again. I can’t have one because my dogs would not be kind, so I will share in the love of you. Bless you Marmee and your OH so sweet mommy who loves you dearly! xoxo


    1. Oh Kristin, NOW you see why she makes mine, too. She is THE sweetest love. I don’t know if the photos show that, but oh MY! We sure got lucky when she came into our lives… She’s so glad you have fallen in love with kitty cats again! xoxox


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