A Sunday Drive

Do you remember Sunday drives growing up as kids?

On a recent walk down to Mill Landing in Chatham, I came upon a proud pair of Canada geese with their six goslings. They were just gathering the kids together on the banking and herding them slowly down to the water as I approached.


I think my appearance may have hastened their departure just a bit. Before I knew it they were in the water, and I had to move fast to keep up!



Dying to see where they were heading, I tagged along.

Papa Goose led the way, ever watchful of me as he kept his family moving, with Mama Goose bringing up the rear.


I’d had my eye on this particular family of geese since the early Spring. I was surprised to see how much the goslings had grown, some looked like mini versions of their parents already!

Mesmerized by the colors of the shimmering water, I followed the tiny flock down the channel.


As we got closer to the Landing, there was a parent conference about whether the family was safe to go on, with me there watching. I stopped, patiently waiting to see what the verdict would be…



I think they sensed I meant them no harm. They pushed on, heading this time closer to shore.

The best part of the drive was when the family pulled into one of the local clam shacks for a quick bite to eat.


I smiled as I heard two of the little ones squealing, “Hey, that’s mine, I saw it first!


Papa quickly stepped in to referee…


While Mama Goose nibbled on one of her own tasty favorites with great delight.


When everyone’s appetites were satisfied, the family was once again on the move, this time beyond the Landing.


They were headed for the dock out past the Landing, moving in and out of the lengthening shadows.



I felt a peace wash over me as I stood watching them paddle away so quietly through the water. Their long necks moving forward and back, forward and back. In perfect, graceful rhythm.



As I saw them swimming toward a more sheltered spot, something was telling me it was time for me to go.


They had been so kind to let me join them for a little while. I thanked them all for the very best Sunday drive that I could remember!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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4 Replies to “A Sunday Drive”

    1. I so agree. Whenever I see these fams in the spring, you’ll think I’m nuts, but I really REALLY try NOT to count them. So afraid that one day, there’ll be someone missing. I am SUCH a sap! 😉


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