Lonely No More

What IS it about seagulls?


I grew up here on Cape Cod where gulls of all varieties are a part of the landscape, part of living by the sea. I find them familiar, comforting, amusing, beautiful.

Yet some, whose names will not be revealed here, see seagulls merely as scavengers. As bothersome pests.

But picture this scenario…

You pull into a beach somewhere and you see some poor seagull, alone on a wall.

Head bowed, he’s humming that plaintive tune, Lost and alone on some forgotten highway, traveled by many, remembered by few


This poor guy. Ridiculed and misunderstood his whole life.

You say nothing to him. You have nothing to offer him. Not even a lousy french fry to help cheer him up.



Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone lands in his life…


Someone who looks deep into his beady yellow eyes… and understands him.

Without having to say a single word.


Together now, they stand and face the world. Looking this way, and then that.

I just love happy endings..


‘Til next time, thanks for visiting me at Images of Cape Cod!



5 thoughts on “Lonely No More

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  1. Who doesn’t love a “love” story. Beautiful narrative and keen observation. For a true philosopher, quietude and observation must be the forefront to understanding and knowledge. Beautiful, simply beautiful.


    1. So glad you liked it, Kristin, wasn’t sure if people might think I’d gone around the bend on this one, LOL! I am always, always going to be for the underdog. Or… undergull….. 😉


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