My Cape Cod Girl

Everyone who knows me, knows that my world revolves around a little redheaded girl named Marmee.

Marmee291For those of you who don’t know Marmee yet, I wrote a blog about her a couple of years ago that might help tell the story. I titled it, “The Milliner’s Muse“.

I often post images of my redhead feline on Facebook. Several of Marmee’s fans have asked me to include her in this new blog, Images of Cape Cod.

Well she is, after all, a Cape Cod girl who rocks, fills and inspires my Cape Cod world!

I wonder what she would think of the idea……….


Well there you have it. We just got the paw’s UP, straight from the girlie herself.

It looks like you can expect to see Marmee here again real soon.

‘Til next time, thank you for visiting Images of Cape Cod!




8 thoughts on “My Cape Cod Girl

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      1. No! You could never be stupid, Emily. I think sometimes they make these blog setups to confuse us, LOL! I found out how to get Author changed from Hats and Horses for my new blog, but come up against a wall when I try to get my Comments to everyone with the right signature. Lessons in frustration for sure, but you? Stupid? IMPOSSIBLE! So excited for all your news! 🙂

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    1. I posted an announcement via my first blog, Hats and Horses – it didn’t come through? I’ve also been FB posting it with the url — If you’re not seeing these things, I am wondering if others are? Let me know if you find them! xox


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